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  1. Dreams of Calculus: Perspectives on Mathematics Education


    A first-class debate book on the crucial issues of current mathematics teaching The authors offer startling evidence that comput...rofound way Raises the question of how to alter teaching in mathermatics as a result of the computer's influence on the field

  2. Beginning Ruby: From Novice to Professional


    Learn the principles behind object-oriented programming and within a few chapters create a fully functional Ruby application. Yo...programmers new to Ruby, and web developers interested in learning and knowing the foundations of the Ruby programming language.

  3. Principles of Imprecise-Information Processing: A New Theoretical and Technological System.


    The book showcases cutting-edge concepts and methods, and presents the principle of imprecise-information processing. It also and methods of imprecise-information processing, allowing readers to develop related applications or pursue further research.

  4. Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals


    Don't simply show your datatell a story with it! Storytelling with Data teaches you the fundamentals of data visualization and...oding 3D pie chart at a time. There is a story in your dataStorytelling with Data will give you the skills and power to tell it!

  5. Watermarking Security: Fundamentals, Secure Designs and Attacks


    This book explains how to measure the security of a watermarking scheme, how to design secure schemes but also how to attack pop...ould like to increase the security of their watermarking applications and for academics toquicklymaster this fascinating domain.

  6. Time Series Analysis and Forecasting: Selected Contributions from the ITISE Conference


    This volume presents selected peer-reviewed contributions from The International Work-Conference on Time Series, ITISE 2015, hel...inary and multidisciplinary research encompassing the disciplines of computer science, mathematics, statistics and econometrics.

  7. Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi: Physical Computing with Circuits, Sensors, Outputs, and Projects


    Learning electronics can be tremendous fun your first flashing LED circuit is a reason to celebrate! But where do you go from t...controller while learning about sensors and how devices talk to each otherGet started programming the Pi with Scratch and Python

  8. Nonlinear Systems: Techniques for Dynamical Analysis and Control


    This treatment of modern topics related to the control of nonlinear systems is a collection of contributions celebrating the wor...xpert participants ideas on important open problems with contributions that represent the state of the art in nonlinear control.

  9. Physical Principles of Electron Microscopy: An Introduction to TEM, SEM, and AEM


    Scanning and stationary-beam electron microscopes are indispensable tools for both research and routine evaluation in materials ...nd to graduate students, university teachers and researchers who need a concise reference on the basic principles of microscopy.

  10. Big Data: Grundlagen, Systeme und Nutzungspotenziale


    Dieser Herausgeber-Band bietet eine umfassende Einfhrung in das Gebiet Big Data. Neben einer Markteinschtzung und grundlegenden ...t runden das Buch ab. Damit erhlt die Leserschaft Handlungsempfehlungen fr die Nutzung von Big-Data-Technologien im Unternehmen.

  11. Practical D3.js


    Your indispensable guide to mastering the efficient use of D3.js in professional-standard data visualization projects. You will ... while still learning the important theoretical aspects needed to enable them to work with their data in the best possible way.

  12. Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics for the Biological Sciences Using R


    This book contains a rich set of tools for nonparametric analyses, and the purpose of this supplemental text is to provide guida... nonparametric statistics background but who regularly work with data more suitable to a nonparametric approach to data analysis

  13. Large-Scale Visual Geo-Localization


    This timely and authoritative volume explores the bidirectional relationship between images and locations. The text presents a c...rstanding assisted by the geo-location, as well as several approaches for geo-localization under practical, real-world settings.

  14. Computer and Information Science


    This edited book presents scientific results of the 15th IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Computer and Information Science ...iently await the important contributions that we know these authors will bring to the field of computer and information science.

  15. Noether's Theorems: Applications in Mechanics and Field Theory


    The book provides a detailed exposition of the calculus of variations on fibre bundles and graded manifolds. It presents applica... the first and second Noether theorems are treated in the very general setting of reducible degenerate graded Lagrangian theory.

  16. Numerical Simulation in Physics and Engineering: Lecture Notes of the XVI 'Jacques-Louis Lions' Spanish-French School


    This book presents lecture notes from the XVI Jacques-Louis Lions Spanish-French School on Numerical Simulation in Physics and E... fields addressed here. Moreover, the book can be used as a textbook for master courses in Mathematics, Physics, or Engineering.

  17. Cryptology Transmitted Message Protection: From Deterministic Chaos up to Optical Vortices


    This book presents methods to improve information security for protected communication. It combines and applies interdisciplinar...y it discusses the cryptologic features of analyzed systems and suggests a series of new structures for confident communication.

  18. Million Dollar Plan: Leveraging Technology to Scale


    THE SECRETS TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO SEVEN FIGURES "If you are selling products or services online, this book will help you 10X ... This book is also perfect for those who have existing businesses, and those entrepreneurs who are always looking for new ideas.

  19. Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis III: Selected and Extended Results from the Symposium MEIS2015


    Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis (MEIS2015), was held in Fukuoka, Japan, September 2527, 2015. The aim of the symposium wa...searchers seeking open problem areas and especially for those entering the field who have not yet selected a research direction.

  20. Junk Box Arduino: Ten Projects in Upcycled Electronics


    We all hate to throw electronics away. Use your 5 volt Arduino and have fun with them instead! Raid your electronics junk box to...Bonus materials include extensions to the Cestino, Sourceforge links for updated code, and all the source-code for the projects.

  21. Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach


    Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach broke ground with its thorough coverage of molecular physiology seamlessly integrated ...ce the pedagogical approach of the book. This package contains: Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach, Sixth Edition

  22. Introduction to Nonlinear Thermomechanics of Solids


    The first part of this textbook presents the mathematical background needed to precisely describe the basic problem of continuum...s typical of problems on hand. Theoretical derivations are followed by carefully prepared computational exercises and solutions.

  23. Beginning SQL Queries: From Novice to Professional


    Beginning Queries with SQL is a friendly and easily read guide to writing queries with the all-important in the database world ...eginning Database Design, an author who is garnering great reviews on Amazon due to the clarity and succinctness of her writing.

  24. A Student's Manual for A First Course in General Relativity


    This comprehensive student manual has been designed to accompany the leading textbook by Bernard Schutz, A First Course in Gener... and an instructors' manual, this text provides an invaluable resource for all students and instructors using Schutz's textbook.

  25. Lipids: Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Health


    For the 6th Edition of this highly regarded textbook devoted to lipids, the title has been modified from Lipid Biochemistry to L...nutritional sciences are studied and taught should have copies of this excellent and comprehensive new edition on their shelves.

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